Company Overview

Kamal Internationalgroupcompany

In 1996, the first business was established by Mr. Kamal Loungani under the name of "Kamal International LLC in UAE" From there on; business is continuously developing new products, executing more projects, and gaining more customer satisfaction. Having Textiles, garments and sports industries within our field gave us the ability to deliver wide range of products within these segments in a very reasonable time frame.

Today, KIT Group has established business in various industrial verticals such as Oil & Gas, Paper, Information Technology, Sports and Chemicals, under various group of companies with highly qualified team of management, engineers, technician, and skilled labours with a total workforce that exceeds 70 employees.

KIT Group executed projects in entire Middle East region, South Africa, India, Singapore and UK. Keeping more concentration with people on ground in UAE. Furthermore, all of our products/projects are equipped and packaged with extraordinary after sales services and full technical support.

We believe, running a business is like riding a bicycle – if you don’t continuously pedal you will fall. We therefore believe in constantly evolving our strengths and networks to diversify and integrate our existing businesses for the maximum client satisfaction

What We Offer

We are an international general trading company, specializing in trade worldwide. As your trading partner, we can offer you a wide range of expertise in marketing and distribution of your products and services. Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor looking to launch or expand your products’ presence in the international trade arena, or you are searching for a particular product or service from overseas, we can assist you in achieving your mission.


Regardless of where you want to trade, we strive to make it happen with ease and precision.


We offer sourcing services for almost everything all over the world.


If you are looking for an efficient support service, you can rest assured that we will deliver nothing but the best service.


We are hailed to be one of the best long term investors and we are always looking to improve your scope for future growth.


If you’re looking for the best business partner that can bring the right growth, there is no better choice than us.


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